Read about the animals and guess their names. 

    7. PARROT
    13. ZEBRA
    14. GIRAFFE

This animal is small. It often lives in people’s houses. Some people are scared of it. And this animal is scared of cats! What is it?
This animal is very big, has long legs, long neck and lives in Africa. What is it?
This animal is quite big. It is brown, but can also be black, white or grey. It helps people in the village to work in the fields. You can ride on its back if you can!J What is it?
This animal is very long and can be very dangerous. People are scared of it. What is it?
This animal is quite big and lives on the farm. People like these animals because they give them a lot of milkJ What is it?
This animal is very big and lives in Africa. It has got a long trunk, big ears, and it is grey. You can see it in the ZOO in some countriesJ What is it?

This animal lives in Australia and is very nice. It is not very big. It likes eucalyptus leaves. What is
This animal lives in people’s houses or on the farm.
It barks and people like it. Cats are sometimes
scared of it but not always. What is it?
This animal is very funny and nice. You can see it in the ZOO but it lives in Africa. It likes bananas very much J What is it?
This animal is like a horse but lives in Africa. It has black and white stripes on its body. What is it?
This animal is very big and lives in water but it is not a fish! It is very nice and friendly and sometimes can save people’s lives! What is it?
This animal is very nice and people have it at home as a pet in the cage! It has got very nice and colored feathers. What is it?
This animal is small and very nice. It lives in people’s houses. People like it because this animal catches mice! What is it?
This animal is big. Sometimes they can walk in very hot weather and not drink anything for a very long time! What is it?
This animal lives in Australia. It is big and very nice and can jump very fast. It sometimes keeps its baby in the pocket on the body. What is it?

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Make Learning English Fun For Kids

As any parent or carer knows, it can be hard to hold a child’s attention for any period of time. Because of this, if you really want them to learn something you have to make it fun for them. We know that children find it easier to pick up new languages than adults, so if you want your child to learn English then the younger they start, the better.

Here are some tips to help encourage them to learn the language, and make your job easier as well:

Sing Songs: Learning a new song is a great way for a child to absorb information. There are plenty of language-based songs you can find online, or learning-through-music cds you can buy. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could even make up a song yourself to incorporate words and phrases you would like your child to learn. Most children love to sing and dance, so they won’t feel as though they are being pressured in any way.

Favourite TV Shows: Most children are only too happy to sit and watch TV if you let them. Whilst it is not a good idea for them to do this all the time, if you get them watching something which speaks to them on their level you can at least congratulate yourself that you are helping them to develop their vocabulary.

Read Them Stories: All children benefit from being read to, and if you let them look at the story as you read it to them this will also help them to recognise words and make it easier when it comes to learning to read and write English, as well as speaking it.

Arrange Group Activities: Children tend to be pretty sociable, so you may find it is easier for them to learn English if they are doing it in a group. Perhaps you could take them to a special language class, or simply arrange to get together with friends who also have children who are learning to speak English, and do some of the above-mentioned activities together. It also helps if you can get them interacting with other children who speak English fluently as they can then learn from them during play.

Play Games: Word games such as Scrabble are great fun and a brilliant way to teach new words and phrases, as well as getting kids to think for themselves at the same time. You can generally get child-friendly versions of most games, so have a look to see what is available. Whatever you choose, a child will always learn better through play when they don’t feel they are being pressurised too much.

How to Teach Kids How to Introduce Themselves to Others

Learning communication skills is a vital part of every child's life. One of the first challenges that children must make is to introduce themselves to others. While to some children this comes natural, demonstrating social skills can be highly intimidating to children who do not possess these necessary skills. As children become influenced by what they see around them, it has become increasingly important for parents to work with their children to improve their communication techniques.